Mrs. Soudabeh Amini-Salek, Allied ASIDJody Myers-Fierz, ASID, LEED AP ID&CKellie Burke, Associate ASIDSara A. Hopkins, Allied ASIDSandra Morgan, ASIDLisa Bishop, Allied ASIDNena Donovan Levine, Allied ASID, CAPSEileen R. Corbin, Allied ASIDMary Ann Howell, ASIDPierrette C. Schnell, ASIDAmy Bryant Eisenberg , Allied ASIDPaul F. Bloom, Allied ASID. Connie  Cooper, Allied ASIDLynn B. Garelick, ASID, NCIDQMarilyn Barbara Silverstein, Allied ASIDMs. Robin McGarry, ASIDMs. Barbara Block, ASIDTrudy Dujardin, ASID, LEED APJulianne Stirling, ASIDMaggie Hudson Blau, Allied ASIDCraig J. Smith, ASIDVirginia H. Cohen, ASIDGary Catchpole, ASIDMs. Elizabeth G. Santa, ASIDSharon McCormick, Allied ASIDRachel Belden, ASIDDavid M. Plante, Allied ASIDSuzanne Novik, ASIDTammy Randall Wood, ASIDCatherine C. Cleare, Allied ASIDKaren Davis, ASIDDebbie Christman, Allied ASIDNoelle Newell, Allied ASIDLisa Davenport, Allied ASID
Sharon McCormick, Allied ASID
Amy Bryant Eisenberg , Allied ASID
Nena Donovan Levine, Allied ASID, CAPS
. Connie Cooper, Allied ASID
Maggie Hudson Blau, Allied ASID
Mrs. Soudabeh Amini-Salek, Allied ASID
Rachel Belden, ASID
Lisa Davenport, Allied ASID
Marilyn Barbara Silverstein, Allied ASID
Debbie Christman, Allied ASID
Sara A. Hopkins, Allied ASID
Paul F. Bloom, Allied ASID
Noelle Newell, Allied ASID
Lisa Bishop, Allied ASID
Catherine C. Cleare, Allied ASID
Eileen R. Corbin, Allied ASID
Tammy Randall Wood, ASID
Pierrette C. Schnell, ASID
Karen Davis, ASID
Ms. Elizabeth G. Santa, ASID
Jody Myers-Fierz, ASID, LEED AP ID&C
Craig J. Smith, ASID
Ms. Robin McGarry, ASID
Trudy Dujardin, ASID, LEED AP
Ms. Barbara Block, ASID
Mary Ann Howell, ASID
Gary Catchpole, ASID
Virginia H. Cohen, ASID
Julianne Stirling, ASID
Lynn B. Garelick, ASID, NCIDQ
Suzanne Novik, ASID
Sandra Morgan, ASID
Kellie Burke, Associate ASID
David M. Plante, Allied ASID
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ASID Interior Design Connecticut

The American Society of Interior Designers believes that design transforms lives. ASID serves the full range of the interior design profession and practice through the Society’s programs, networks and advocacy. We thrive on the strength of cross-functional and interdisciplinary relationships among designers of all specialties, including workplace, healthcare, retail and hospitality, education, institutional and residential. We lead interior designers in shared conversations around topics that matter: from evidenced-based and human-centric design to social responsibility, well-being and sustainability. We showcase the impact of design on the human experience and the value interior designers provide.

ASID was founded nearly 40 years ago when two organizations became one — an anniversary we will recognize in 2015 — but its legacy dates back to the early 1930s. As we celebrate nearly 85 years of industry leadership, we are poised to lead the future of interior design, continuing to integrate the advantages of local connections with national reach, of small firms with big and of the places we live with the places we work, play and heal. Learn more at

2014 was an exciting year for ASID, with good friends and colleagues, new members and bold initiatives. Now, as we celebrate our 40th anniversary, 2015 promises even greater advances, with more opportunities to show the many ways interior design transforms lives.

Please enjoy our 40th anniversary video. On behalf of all of us at ASID, we hope the holidays find you happy, rested, and ready to ring in a prosperous new year!

Randy Fiser – Chief Executive Officer

Congratulations to our new board members for the fiscal year 2015/2016:

President-Elect (one-year term) – Hollis Sutherland, ASID
Professional Development Director (two-year term) – Marcia Taylor-Reid, Allied ASID
Communications Director (two-year term) – Constance Cusick, Industry Partner representative for Connie Cusick Consulting
Financial Director (two-year term) – Elizabeth Santa, ASID

We look forward to having you on our board and thank you for your commitment to our chapter.



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